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Scrappy Founders, Just Like You

(un)conventional is active throughout the startup ecosystem offering education, resources,
and coaching to startups and accelerators alike. Additionally, the (un)conventional team
pursues the development of our own startups through our venture studios.

Our team is full of hands-on builders
with a passion for startups and
building community

To date we have...

Cofounded / been early team members at multiple startups
Structured accelerators which have educated hundreds of Founders
Coached and mentored numerous Founders who have launched their products, been accepted to prestigious accelerators, and successfully raised capital
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Aaron Chavez

Managing Partner

Aaron comes from a Wall Street background and worked as an analyst and associate at Barclays Investment Bank in Manhattan, New York. His work centered around equity capital markets and investor engagement for businesses across multiple industries including Financials, FinTech, and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (a cross-sector product) where he supported the raise of billions of dollars of capital over his tenure.

Leveraging his expertise in finance and investor relations, he actively participates in the startup ecosystem empowering founders through accelerator programs. Most recently, Aaron played a pivotal role in the Build In Miami Accelerator Program created by Venture Miami, where he mentored over 100 ambitious entrepreneurs across idea and early-product. His guidance and connections proved instrumental, contributing to the successful launch of several promising startups and generating significant buzz within the Miami tech scene.

"Supporting scrappy founders who choose to do things the (un)conventional way"

Our History

2024 - Present

In January 2024, Argent Strategies rebranded to (un)conventional, signifying a renewed dedication to its foundational goals of providing education, resources, and coaching for early-stage startup Founders. This rebrand reflects (un)conventional's ongoing commitment to delivering unparalleled value to Founders, Partners, and Communities.

(un)conventional also operates as a venture studio with a portfolio of over a dozen equity positions across a diverse set of industries where we serve as Cofounders and/or early team members.


In collaboration with Chris Daniels from the Shrimp Society, Aaron played a pivotal role in Venture Miami’s 3 part accelerator series named “Build In Miami.” Over the series, they mentored +100 ambitious Founders over the span of 3 accelerators focusing on idea validation, minimum viable product development, and traction development / capital raising respectively. Their experience, guidance, and connections proved instrumental to the participants, contributing to the successful launch of several promising startups and generating significant buzz within the Miami tech scene.

2019 - 2024

After beginning his career in investment banking at Barclays in NYC, Aaron shifted his focus from capital raising and advisory for large companies to hands-on business advisory for early-stage startups, offering critical support where Founders lacked expertise. He relocated from NYC to Miami, where his vision for Argent Strategies fully materialized. In Miami, he became an active participant in the startup ecosystem, supporting Founders through coaching and mentorship. Over time, his involvement expanded to include supporting a variety of communities across the United States and Internationally.

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