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Building a startup is exciting, but it’s difficult to go alone! Startup Founders require unique skills, knowledge, and resources in order to navigate the complicated journey before them. Let's partner to navigate this exciting journey.
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How it Works

Our coaching is customized to your unique needs, be it a simple document review or hands-on support

Kickoff Meeting

Get on a video call, establish priorities, and begin planning/execution. Sharing all background information prior to the call for review.

Execute & Communicate

Accomplish tasks and get connected to the resources you need. Speak with your coach live and through messaging to get answers ASAP.

Weekly Meetings

Meet with your coach weekly to check on progress, review documents, and get your pressing questions answered.

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Areas We Cover

Business Planning

Define Your Core

Solidify your value proposition and business model to clearly communicate the unique benefits of your product or service.

Research And Validate

Engage in deep market research and validation efforts to ensure your offering meets a real need in a sizable market.

Strategic Milestones

Establish short-term goals with an execution strategy that aligns with your long-term vision, keeping your team focused and on track.

Financial Strategy

Forecast Future Success

Create realistic financial models and projections to guide your strategy and impress potential investors with business’s potential.

Budget Mastery

Develop comprehensive budgets and manage cash flow to maintain operations and extend your runway during critical growth phases.

Crunch The Numbers

Understand your unit economics to ensure each aspect of your product or service contributes positively to your bottom line as you scale.

Capital Raising

Target And Network

Identify potential investors who believe in your mission and build meaningful connections to support your funding rounds.

Perfect Your Pitch

Craft a compelling story that highlights your startup’s value, market potential, and the strength of your team to capture investor interest.

Know Your Worth

Arm yourself with knowledge of investment terms and valuation techniques in order to negotiate deals that align with your growth plans.

Operations Optimization

Enhance Processes

Focus on automating and refining operational processes to reduce cost and increase productivity, ensuring a lean startup model.

Smart Resource Use

Allocate and manage your resources wisely, prioritizing activities that offer the most significant value to your startup’s growth.

Track And Improve

Establish key metrics to monitors your operations and implement continuous improvements based on performance data.


Customer Focus

Specify your target market and customer segments to tailor your sales, marketing and business development efforts for the best reception.

Channel Optimization

Identity effective channels for reaching your audience, developing a marketing mix that maximizes engagement and conversion.

Iterating Based On Feedback

Achieve product-market fit by listening to your customers and refining your offering, ensuring your product genuinely solves the need.

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